Stephan Kielas Wedding Reel

I was the main cinematographer, director, and editor for the wedding films highlighted above. Most of the weddings took place within the triad region of North Carolina, while some were also filmed in the coastal regions surrounding Wilmington.

I created this wedding reel to highlight some of the joyous moments I’ve been able to capture since I first began filming weddings back in 2013. I wanted to show the wide spectrum of couples I’ve been able to work with, but I also wanted to weave the shots together as one joyous celebration. I used Canon cameras and glass to capture most of the footage in the reel, with a few shots incorporating Carl Zeiss glass.

My favorite wedding day shot is at the 1:09 time marker in the video. It was a candid moment captured during the wedding day of Morgan and Cody Johnson. The lenses used were the 50mm and 85mm from Carl Zeiss. The natural light in the field was magical. I was also able to soften some of the highlights from the field and sky in the background during the color grading process.

I incorporate subtle camera movement when filming and editing weddings because I believe this better brings the viewer into the emotion of the day. I like to use natural lighting when possible, and I prefer natural color tones in my wedding films. I believe this helps to capture the authenticity love deserves to be captured in.

If you would like to see more examples of my work and individual wedding films, please check out my vimeo page here