Wedding Day Lenses


stillmotion-picStillmotion, and the Video Geek side of Wedding Days

I love wedding days. You get to watch two families (who are often very different from each other) come together and throw a really big celebration for the two people they love. I get to see and capture so many amazing moments. The heartfelt vows of two lovers. The tears of an elated mother. The swelling pride of a bride’s father. The innocent joy of her flower girls. The nervousness of the groom as he awaits his bride. So many sweet emotional moments happen on wedding days that it can be easy to forget all of the technical knowledge it takes behind the scenes to film a wedding day. At least, if you are going to film it the way it was meant to be captured.

If you’ve ever been interested in that more geek side of a wedding videographer’s day, the kind of subtle technical considerations we must make in regard to things like our lens choices, this is the video for you…

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