A Walk to Remember



My first glimpse into love…

intimatewalktorememberWhen I first saw the film A Walk to Remember as a teenager, I remember crying like a child and secretly re-watching it multiple times. On the surface, it is nothing more than a simple (if not a little cheesy) coming of age love story. Two teenagers from different sides of the track fall in love with each other, over coming the odds and their differences.

I believe what made this movie resonate so deeply with me, however, was the way they fell in love. The performances of Shane West and Many Moore and the writing of Nicholas Sparks felt so genuine, so sincere, that it was waking up inside of me the belief that there truly is no greater aspiration in this life than to love and be loved.

Now that I’m older and I have found my own love and soul mate, I feel like I’ve come to understand this truth even more deeply. My passion has become capturing the expression of love between a bride and her groom, a Wendy and her Peter, a Juliette and her Romeo.

I still cry when I watch this movie. I’ve just learned to embrace the tears